Greensboro NC’s Tree Service Gender Issues

For many people that know me, I love talking about the stuff that might be taboo or the stuff that people might not feel comfortable talking about. For me, that main thing I like to talk about is gender issues.  This comes into play a lot with jobs and other employment opportunities.  What I want to talk about know is Greensboro North Carolina’s tree removal service, and how they are open to including female workers!

As many people know or can assume, the tree service industry is pretty much dominated by males, but not every where.  I recently was in Greensboro and I was talking to the owner of, he has been in the tree removal business for the past fifteen years, and he has mentioned that some of his best employees have been females.  He says that the correlation between a good employee and gender doesn’t really exist, and people need to stop comparing the two.  He knows that females can work just as hard as males, and that’s good enough for him.

When asked how these females keep up with the physical labor that is often involved in Greensboro’s tree removal, he said they work just as hard and they get the job done!

When it comes down to it, Greensboro, NC deserves a work force that will work as hard as they possibly can, and when you have these good employees, it doesn’t even matter what their gender is.  Providing a good service is all about having good employees.  And in the Greensboro tree service this is no different!

Interior Design and Gender

It’s an interesting topic when you start discussing gender stereotypes and how people generally think of which jobs certain genders can and should do.  This is a huge issue when it comes to nursing which is predominately dominated by females, but it also comes into play with interior design.  For this blog post I discussed a friend of mines experiences working in the interior design field as a male and all the hardships and barriers he has had to surpass.

My friend is the owner of a huge interior design company that is doing great stuff in the home furniture and interior lighting market at  At AllenRothHub my friend is the owner, and he is involved in inventing and implementing their new styles of products for their customers.  When I say products, I mean it!  ARH currently makes around two hundred different interior design products.  These range from lighting and chandeliers, all the way to patio furniture, and bathroom vanities.  As you can see, with all of these products it can be a difficult job to stay on top of everything!

When discussing the problems involved in this industry being a male I was given the following response.  “It’s definitely hard being a male in a nearly all female industry.  I’ve been scoffed at and had my talent questioned just because I was a male.  Although this isn’t the case with everyone I have experienced, it’s definitely discouraging, and it definitely shouldn’t be like this.”

As you can see the interior design market is a market that deserves to have a lot of talent and to have people that will really help to make your home the best looking it possible can be.  But this is hard when these gender issues still exist.  So we need to work to fix these issues as a society!

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